The marketing office for JTI features state of the art architectural material and technologies, as well as heating and ventilation systems, which make it a one of a kind office premise in Almaty. Organized in four floors with approximately 1800 sqm floor plate area and a basement floor, the building has a specious four storey-high atrium covered with triple layer ETFE cushion skylight which provides daylight and superb thermal insulation. The building façade consists of custom made Schueco FW 50+ profile with triple glazing and automated CTB sun shading, a system very recently launched by Schueco, computing outside sunlight, wind and rain conditions through sensors and automatically arranging louver blades in the optimum position without any human intervention. The interior temperature conditioning of the building is organized through chilled/heated ceiling, surfaces and translucent office partitions define well-lit, spacious and modern office spaces for all employees.

JTI Headquarters

  • Client : Japanese Tobacco International
  • Location : Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Designer : Pasucha Kleipzig Architects
  • Date : 2010-2011